Do-it-yourself drip irrigation from polypropylene pipes
The peculiarity of the drip irrigation system is that the moisture supplied through a special polymer tape
high pressure polyethylene pipes in coils
Production, characteristics and purpose of LDPE pipes
Pipes made of high-density polyethylene are quite soft, but at the same time extremely elastic.
As-built documentation
Pipes are used in public utilities, industry, oil and gas complex, etc. - Anyway
Application of aluminum pipes
Aluminum pipe: what is it for and which one to choose?
Menu: Application of aluminum pipes - pipe AD 31 Stainless steel pipe - use Models
Air ducts - everything you need to know before choosing
Air ducts are the “transport system” of ventilation air conditioning systems and ensure the movement of air masses or other
Durability, lightness and easy installation - properties of stainless steel that do not need advertising
All about profile stainless pipes: types, sizes and sections according to GOST, scope of application + installation tips
Stainless steel square pipe is a product that is actively used not only in various fields
Seamless steel pipe GOST 8732-78, GOST 8734-75
Seamless pipe weight. Table. Seamless steel pipe is produced by several methods, namely: rolling, drawing,
Types and features of the use of metal pipes for electrical wires
In wooden houses, as well as in buildings in the construction or decoration of which flammable materials were used.
reinforced polypropylene pipes for heating
Selection of polypropylene pipes for water supply and heating
The most important component of any heating system is the pipeline through which the coolant circulates from the boiler
Fittings are required to connect pipes
GOST R 52134-2003 Pressure pipes made of thermoplastics and connecting parts for them for water supply and heating systems. General technical conditions
Polypropylene pipes, fittings and components are used in plumbing and heating systems due to the versatility of the material
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