do-it-yourself frame-house made of metal
How to build a metal frame house with your own hands? Step-by-step instructions - Review + Video
Frame houses have become popular recently, and the materials used to make them are varied. Main criteria
Ball valve 11b27p1 in household pipelines
Ball valves - technical characteristics, designations, sizes, manufacturers
Ball valves are the most common type of shut-off valves, widely used in municipal, industrial
Reliable ball valve for home (picture)
What is a ball valve ⅜ - criteria for selecting shut-off valves
When there is a need to repair or replace hot or cold water pipelines in a suburban
Polypropylene pipes
Fastening polypropylene and other pipes to the ceiling (8 photos)
The most popular material for the manufacture of water and sewer pipes is polypropylene. This material has a high
The simplest table
How to weld a chair from a profile pipe with your own hands in loft style
Profile pipe is a very multifunctional material. In addition to its widest use in industry, the pipe finds
Press fitting device
How to work with press fittings for metal-plastic pipes
The connection of metal-plastic pipes is made using compression fittings for clamping and their analogues for crimping.
Gate valve.
Gate: main purpose, types and advantages of use
It is impossible to imagine any pipeline for industrial, municipal or domestic purposes without shut-off valves. One
Why do you need a shut-off valve and how to choose it correctly?
These technical specifications apply to steel pipeline fittings: steel shut-off flange valves models 15s22nzh,
Design and classification of shut-off valves
Classification of valves (valves) according to the direction of flow of the working medium: According to the design of the body and location on
Water solenoid valve
The solenoid valve will shut off the water remotely and protect against flooding
When using water supply and heating systems, no one is immune from emergencies. Minimize
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