Do-it-yourself drip irrigation from polypropylene pipes
The peculiarity of the drip irrigation system is that the moisture supplied through a special polymer tape
How much is a linear meter?
Linear meter: how to calculate correctly and where to use
How much is a linear meter? This is analogous to a regular meter. The linear meter is used when measuring
How to calculate electric floor heating: formulas and online calculator
The modern system of warm water floors is identified with a high level of coziness and comfort. This kind of floor
Do-it-yourself sauna stove made from a pipe: useful tips and ready-made drawings for successful projects
The key to the pleasure you get in a bathhouse is always thoroughly warming it up to the desired temperature.
Chimney cleaning products: what is the best way to clean a chimney from soot
Any chimney must be cleaned. Often the design itself suggests how often it should be carried out.
do-it-yourself frame-house made of metal
How to build a metal frame house with your own hands? Step-by-step instructions - Review + Video
Frame houses have become popular recently, and the materials used to make them are varied. Main criteria
How to drain coolant from a closed heating system in a private house
Installation of a heated floor requires subsequent long-term and uninterrupted operation of the heating system. In a city apartment,
Do-it-yourself plasterboard box - how to make it, step-by-step instructions, materials, photos
Do-it-yourself plasterboard box - how to make it, step-by-step instructions, materials, photos
In old apartments there is a problem with water and heating pipes, hoods and ventilation, electrical wires,
Chimney for gas boiler SNiP
7 tips on which ventilation pipes to choose in a private house
The chimney pipes we see from the street, towering above the roof of the house, are just some kind of
Sewage pumps for sewage in a private house - how to choose and install, study the characteristics
A fecal pump is a device with increased capacity designed for pumping viscous liquids
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