Features of choosing soldering irons for polypropylene pipes
TOP—7. The best soldering irons for polypropylene pipes. Rating 2021!
Greetings to all! Today I have prepared for you a review of the best household soldering irons for joining polypropylene
Pressure testing of the heating system
How to pressurize a heating system - the most complete instructions
The heating system in private houses differs significantly from city apartments due to its complexity, it
Steel water and gas pipes
Pipe sizes in inches and millimeters: correspondence tables
The outer and inner diameter of metal pipes. In the process of manufacturing metal pipes as a basis
Installation diagram
Check valve: when and why you need it, advantages and disadvantages and which one to choose
Date: April 8, 2014 During normal operation of pipelines, the direction of water flow is assumed to be in one
photo Inch thread: tables, dimensions, characteristics
Pipe cylindrical inch thread: GOST 6357 from ´81
Inch threads are recesses cut in the shape of a screw on a cylindrical or conical part,
How to choose fittings for metal-plastic pipes: types with sizes, which ones are better and why
Hello, dear readers! For the assembly of pipelines from modern materials, the welded type is almost never used
Pipeline fittings: application and types
A pipeline network for any purpose is a serious engineering structure in which every part carries
What is “American” in plumbing: types and options of fittings
The American is a universal and indispensable device that is used in household and industrial pipeline construction
XLPE pipes
Where is cross-linked polyethylene used, how to choose it, the pros and cons of the material
Cross-linked polyethylene (or PEx (PEx), where x is not a letter, but a designation of cross-linking) –
How to calculate the weight of a profile pipe?
Standard sizes and their meaning The price of profile products exceeds the cost of standard ones, since first the craftsmen make
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