Large diameter steel pipes: types, standards and GOSTs

Large diameter steel pipes are products with an external volume of 530 mm or more. The leading areas of use of these types are: oil pipelines, gas networks, water pipelines, heating networks and drain lines. They are also in great demand during construction activities.
They are also used in the field of mechanical engineering and in the manufacture of metal structures, in ventilation and other pipelines. And everywhere the dimensional products have proven themselves to be the best.

Almost all products in this product line are of high quality and reasonable prices. Leading domestic manufacturing plants are located in Chelyabinsk, Almetyevsk, Khartsyzsk, Izhorsk.

Large-diameter steel options are coated with TsPI, VUS and PPU protection. This is done using special materials. For water supply and oil and gas pipelines this is a necessity.

This protection helps reduce costs and heat loss in production; it must be selected and applied to products correctly. Otherwise, the pipeline will not be able to function without accidents, and operating costs will increase.


The assortment is represented by profiles of various sizes related to:

  • electric welded;
  • seamless;
  • cast metal structures.

You can find out how much products with the required dimensions cost by calling our consultants.

Mainly used in construction:

  • heating networks;
  • gas and oil pipelines;
  • water pipelines;
  • sewer systems.

The products are also used for transporting liquid and bulk raw materials over any distance. And in shipbuilding, aviation and automotive industries, non-standard steel products are widely used.

Volume Standards

Standard diameters of steel pipes are provided in GOST 10704-91. All standard products are conventionally divided into the following.

Large size pipes. This includes dimensions exceeding 508 mm. They are mainly installed by gas and oil networks. Types of medium volume.

These product lines range from 114 to 508 mm in diameter. Their task is to provide urban water supply pipelines and service industrial pipelines that collect raw oil. Products with small diameters (up to 114 mm). They are installed in pipelines of end-use networks.

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You can find the required dimensions in the table provided (all designations are shown in millimeters, see how to convert to inches):

LargeMediumSmall142053010812204781021120426951020406899203778882035576720325736302737053024463–21960–19357–18054–17753–16851–15948–1 5245–14044–13342–12740–11438––36––35––33––32––30––28––27––26––25 ––24––23––22––21––20––19––18161514131210,210

The table of standard sizes shows what dimensions a steel pipe has.

Tables are convenient to use when determining exact dimensions. But, steel ranges are often shown in inches. This measurement is widely used in many countries around the world.

To avoid difficulties during work, I recommend using tables that provide volume correspondence. This way you can easily determine the required dimensions of the elements for joining and connect them.


Production of large diameter pipes
For the production of rolled pipes, metal of various grades is used, but most often low-alloy and carbon steel are used as raw materials. Production is carried out using the following methods:

  • Hot deformation allows you to create thick-walled structures with a section size of up to 550 mm. To increase the plasticity of the metal, the workpiece is heated, then subjected to rolling and rapid cooling.
  • Long-seam electric welding production is used to produce products with a wall thickness of up to 32 mm and a diameter of up to 1420 mm. In this case, the steel sheet is rolled up on a special machine, then a seam is connected along the entire length of the profile using the electric contact welding method.
  • Spiral welded metal products can have any diameter and wall thickness up to 25 mm. The blank for such a profile is a steel strip strip, twisted on a special machine into a structure with a circular cross-section. The seams are connected using automatic double-sided welding.

Rolled metal meets all the requirements of GOST 10706-76, 10704-91, 20295-85.

Production of steel pipes with large diameters

Like other products, these pipes must comply with GOST standards, and the applied production chain must guarantee:

  • overall product quality;
  • mechanical strength and long service life;
  • rigidity and resistance to bending loads;
  • resistance to increased values ​​of internal and external pressure.

Production of steel pipes with large diameters

Large steel pipes are durable: products not protected from corrosion are guaranteed to remain in working condition for 10-12 years, protected ones - up to 40 years.

In order to comply with all the requirements for the product, the process of its production, with the possibility of varying individual conditions, must correspond to the general plan:

  1. Cutting the original rolled material into sheets.
  2. Giving the sheets a finished shape (this can be either a circle or various profiles).
  3. Welding the edges of the workpiece.
  4. Cleaning the weld.
  5. Examination of seam quality.

Marking of large diameter pipes

If pipes are used for the construction of heating mains, they are coated with thermal insulation of various types - PPU, TsPI or VUS. Correctly and evenly applied insulation allows you to minimize heat loss and avoid financial losses.


The most important technical characteristics are:

  • length (measured and unmeasured) - 4-12.5 m;
  • wall thickness - from 78 to 19 mm;
  • the maximum diameter of a seamless hot-rolled mold is 530 mm, but metal products with a section size of 426 mm are more often used;
  • the diameter of longitudinally welded structures is from 428 to 1420 mm.

The largest diameter (up to 15-20 m) are metal corrugated pipes used for laying road and railway tunnels.

The weight of 1 meter depends directly on the wall thickness and outer diameter. The mass of 1 pm ranges from 104.02 to 697.3 kg.


The outer and inner diameters of steel pipes have different characteristics. They may be as follows.

  1. Conditional. Displays the nominal internal dimensions.
  2. Nominal. This is the actual size of the dimensions.
  3. Outer. This value is the main one when classifying large-volume products.
  4. Internal. This value is very important when choosing connecting elements for large volume pipes.

At the same time, the indicator of wall thickness for pipe-rolling materials of this type becomes no less important.

Certain fixed values ​​for the outer diameter of these products are also known. They make it possible to select the required dimensions, taking into account the preliminary tasks of the structure being designed.

In reality, the outer diameter plays a significant role in certain situations. For example, when constructing units for drainage in premises, because in this situation fasteners are selected taking into account the values ​​of the outer diameter of the main elements.



  • Strength - profiles can withstand significant operating loads, therefore they are used when laying highways to move various substances under high pressure.
  • The relatively low weight facilitates transportation and significantly speeds up the installation of structures.
  • A long service life allows you to safely use stale profiles and used metal products.

To clarify any questions you have about the selected products, call our consultants.

Seamless pipe materials

GOST standards for large-diameter seamless steel pipes are becoming the most popular when laying systems for various purposes. The thickness of the walls of these pipe-rolling materials reaches 5 cm. They also have a high permeability indicator, which provides for an internal pressure of up to 12.5 MPa.

They are made from the following types of steel:

    Structural unalloyed (S185, S195T, etc.). Half-calm and quiet (VSTZ). Carbon half-calm and quiet ST3, ST4. Low-alloy type permitted by the requirements with a carbon composition of no more than 0.48.

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Typically, the length of the assortment of large pipe products is impressive, reaching fourteen meters. For seamless types, a significant variation in length is achieved. According to GOST they are:


The largest deviation in this case can be no more than 1.5 cm. Multiple dimensional. Limited type within the dimensional extent. The largest deviation in this case is no more than 50 cm. Unmeasured. The length indicator in this case is specified by the client.

Storage and transportation

Transportation is carried out by specially equipped freight transport. To maintain quality characteristics, metal structures must be placed in weather-protected warehouses and covered areas. The forms, according to the markings, are secured in bundles and laid on wooden beams to protect them from corrosion.

Sales and delivery to sites in Moscow and the Moscow region are carried out using our own fleet of vehicles and by rail. Pickup is possible from a warehouse in Domodedovo.


Large diameter steel pipes have found great demand in the field of metallurgical products. They are installed during the construction of ventilation, water and steam pipelines, gas and oil pipelines. Large diameter pipes meet the highest quality standards.

They are distinguished by reliability and a long period of use. It is for these reasons that they are produced for systems where reliability and long service life are primary requirements.

Dimensions and all permissible deviations must comply with GOST 10704. When producing rolled pipes of large dimensions, only one seam is made. According to regulatory requirements, the seam is first made on the outside, and then on the inside.

How to buy

Placing an orderCheck availability and price by phone or on the website (via the feedback form). Place an order, after which we will draw up a delivery agreement.

Payment Pay for the cost of the goods using one of the convenient methods: by bank transfer or in cash. For regular customers, deferred payment is possible.

Delivery or pickup Agree on the date of delivery/shipment from the warehouse. Can be delivered by railway and road transport. Special equipment can be dispatched.

Acceptance and unloadingThe order price includes 1 (one) hour for unloading by the buyer. After unloading, you will receive a complete set of documents.

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Types of external and internal protective coatings

oil pipeline pipes
Depending on the expected operating conditions, when choosing rolled pipes, it is necessary to take into account one more significant parameter. Namely, the presence of one or another protective coating. Anti-corrosion protective coating can be applied:

  • on the inner surface of the pipe;
  • on the outer surface;
  • both on the inner and outer surface of the wall.

There are two main types of coating - zinc and polymer. Both types are quite resistant to rust. The types of protective layers applied to large-diameter pipe products, taking into account the intended use, are regulated by special technical conditions.

HDPE gas pipe retail.

In addition to wholesale quantities, you can buy HDPE gas pipes at retail from us. Yes, the cost of each specific unit in the case of retail sales is higher than in wholesale purchases, but what to do if you simply do not need a large number of pipes.

You can immediately pick up the products you are interested in. It doesn’t matter at all what volume of purchase you make. There is no division into batches for wholesale or retail sales. Each unit of product is carefully checked before being handed over to the client. Don't have time to pick up what you ordered yourself? In this case, you can order delivery, which is valid not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia. Please note: transportation is not carried out during severe frosts, as this may negatively affect the performance characteristics of the pipe.

No toxic substances are used in the production process. They have only one application - laying underground pipelines to ensure gas supply. If you made a mistake in your calculations and you don’t have enough pipes, then you can easily make a retail or small wholesale purchase from our company. You just need to decide on the basic characteristics (SDR, diameter). Our specialists will help you understand everything and avoid mistakes when purchasing.

HDPE gas pipe wholesale.

You can buy HDPE gas pipes wholesale in our store or pick up a batch from the plant in the Moscow region. First decide what diameter of products you require. Delivery is carried out both in coils and in lengths. The length depends on the diameter. Our company itself produces HDPE gas pipes and can provide them to you in the required quantity. The main advantage is that you make a purchase directly from the manufacturer, bypassing numerous intermediaries. As a result, you manage to save significantly.

If you make a large wholesale purchase, then your benefits become more than obvious. You can choose pipes with a diameter from 20 to 315 mm. The company is well aware that picking up a large shipment on your own can be problematic. Therefore, here you will be offered prompt delivery in compliance with all requirements.

You can submit a purchase application right now. After this, the manager will contact you. This is necessary in order to accurately determine the technical characteristics of the products and the scope of delivery. If you have any questions, you can ask them to specialists. By the way, our company has all the necessary certificates to engage in the production and sale of HDPE pipes. So you can safely use them to lay gas pipelines to industrial and residential premises.

Main dimensions and properties of main pipes GOST 20295

Nominal outer diameter of pipes, mmTheoretical weight of 1 m of pipe, kg, with nominal wall thickness, mm


PPU-PE has a low thermal conductivity coefficient. This insulator is an excellent protective option if the main pipeline structure is laid in low temperature conditions. Installation of PPU-PE is quite simple. The steel pipe is located in the polyethylene pipe. There is a space between the outer shell of the steel part and the inner shell of the PE product, which is filled with polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is supplied under high pressure and hardens. The result is a “pie” of pipes and thermal insulation material between them.

It is worth noting that such a protective case is very effective and eliminates the use of additional concrete boxes. Let's consider the main methods of laying devices with PPU-PE insulation:

  • internal laying (underground). Moreover, such products are used both for underground ductless installation and for channel installation;
  • external laying (aboveground).

Using these methods, communications are installed that transport hot and cold water to consumers. These options are popular when installing heating networks.

Polyethylene gas pipes from the manufacturer.

There are many reasons why it is recommended to buy gas polyethylene pipes from the manufacturer: low cost, stability of supply and proven quality. In addition, it is worth noting the complete package of documents, without which no serious construction is possible. Our plant has its own laboratory, so there is no doubt about the quality of the products.

Low price HDPE pipes for gas.

It's no secret that the more intermediaries, the higher the cost. Surprisingly, nowadays it is not so easy to contact the manufacturer of HDPE gas pipes directly. Many enterprises that declare themselves as factories mostly produce products in small batches in limited volumes. If they receive requests for large quantities, they become unable to fulfill them and transfer the order to a really large production, that is, to us. This results in a simple thing - the price increases significantly, because in fact, such small companies act as ordinary “outbidders”.

Reliability of supplies in any volume.

Purchasing from intermediaries can lead to missed deadlines, since large production facilities are often fully loaded and fulfill direct orders from their own customers. A compromise option is to purchase finished products from dealers. However, there are two drawbacks. Firstly, the price is, although not much, still higher. Considering the need for hundreds of meters, the overpayment turns out to be decent. Secondly, not all finished products are in stock. Therefore, the best way to get an excellent price and the required volumes is to conclude a contract with a large plant. Our production is one of the few that are truly capable of fulfilling any order for HDPE gas pipes. In addition, you can buy large-diameter polyethylene gas pipes from us. Small producers cannot afford this.

Quality stability and laboratory control.

When dealing with gas, the quality of the pipe must be checked by a series of tests and confirmed by GOST. Gas HDPE pipes of unknown origin are unlikely to pass the necessary checks. The buyer takes a big risk by purchasing such products without a complete package of documents.

However, we do not encourage you to order a more expensive pipe. The fact is that our plant provides the lowest prices on the market, while all gas HDPE pipes are provided with certificates and fully comply with state standards.

As an example, here are dozens of largest projects throughout Russia. This confirms the excellent quality of the products. For more information about where our polyethylene gas pipes are used, you can contact the company employees by phone. We are confident that you will also become our client and receive reliable pipes at the lowest price.

Delivery speed.

Builders know how important prompt delivery of materials to the site is. The installation start date and the project delivery date depend on this. Pipes are the basis of modern communications; not a single large construction site can do without them.

We guarantee timely deliveries of HDPE gas pipes to anywhere in Russia. We have many schemes for transporting products, from retail to batches of tens of kilometers.

Regulatory regulation of requirements for water and gas pipes

The main document GOST 3262-75 “Steel water and gas pipes” defines

  • Requirements for the assortment - dimensions and weight, length, connection methods, maximum deviations in production accuracy are regulated.
  • Technical conditions - features (for example, chamfers), the presence of couplings, etc., production quality and permissible defects, end cutting angles, strength requirements, etc.
  • Test methods - selection of samples for testing, inspection, hydraulic tests, bending tests, flattening tests, expansion tests, weld control, protective coating thickness, etc.
  • Labeling and transportation conditions.

The requirements for precision production and technical capabilities of pipes for main pipelines are constantly growing. Despite the fact that steel pipes currently occupy the majority of the market, this share is steadily declining. This is due to the emergence of new technologies, and with them new requirements for operational characteristics.

Mechanical properties of steel for main pipes depending on the strength class of GOST 20295

Strength classTensile strength sв, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2)Yield strength sr, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2)Relative elongation d5, %
no less
K 34333 (34)206 (21)24
K 38372 (38)235 (24)22
K 42412 (42)245 (25)21
K 50485 (50)343 (35)20
K 52510 (52)353 (36)20
K 55539 (55)372 (38)20
K 60588 (60)412 (42)16

Offer to buy various types of main pipes and large diameter pipes from our company

The Metallpro company invites all interested legal entities and individuals to cooperate; it sells various types of pipes (gas, water, main pipes, solid and welded, etc.). The company's warehouses stock a wide range of products, which are constantly being replenished. Products are sold at the lowest prices. To make an application for a particular type of product, just contact the company’s managers. They will answer clients’ questions and provide all the necessary information.

Our affordable prices, variety of service and high quality products can pleasantly surprise our customers. The technical characteristics of the products offered fully comply with European and domestic standards. Upon receipt of the goods, no orders were canceled, only positive reviews. The company values ​​its reputation, has experienced, qualified employees, and welcomes long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with all clients.

Cooperating with our company is profitable and pleasant, the quality of the services provided is constantly improving. We were able to create an impeccable reputation for the company and recommended it as a reliable, impeccable, obligatory partner.

large diameter steel pipes

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